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Professionalism, reliability, quality

We strive to be the best in what we do.

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Sky facility will offer you modern and reliable solutions tailored to yours requirements and needs.



Our experience in the area of facility services, the quality and professionalism in the performing of tasks is guaranteed for our customers.



The excellent performance for the delivered tasks bring us recommendations which help us with our customer relationships.

What is Sky facility?

How do you take care of the maintenance of the building, in which you are developing your business? You need efficient and cozy offices for your employees. Leave that to us!

How do you make your business profitable? We will leave that up to you.

Maintenance and management

From the industrial warehouses to the corporate headquarters all buildings and facilities need  maintenance and repair to ensure safety for the employees and the comfort of the work environment, which predisposes the right of the working process. Everything in your building requires maintenance. We can help you whether we react in an unexpected occurrence of an emergency situation or we apply adjustable and system support services.

Facility service include:

  • cleaning
  • safety and monitoring
  •  building installations
  •  OVK
  • energy efficiency
  • parking systems and access controls
  • fire safety
  • Etc..

Professional development

Our years of combined experience gave us the opportunity to work with customers in many different spheres and industries with different needs and financial opportunities. From all these years we saw and became a part of an industry which progressively advanced putting the need of new smart solutions compliant with competitive requirements in the European market.


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